The pride of the chocolate factory "Millennium" are brands which have been the favorite ones of our consumers for a long time: "Millennium", "Lubimov", "Oskar le Grand", "Lubimov Kids", "Chocolatier".


The product range of Millennium worthy of the highest awards as it has absorbed all the possible combinations of tastes and preferences. Enjoy the unbeatable mastership of our confectioners in chocolate collections of Millennium.


Lubimov - it's chocolate and candies for sweetheart. The diversity of products provides a universal set for any occasion. Choose your perfect gift for your nearest and dearest!


Respectability, courage, elegance and European restraint are embodied in Oskar le Grand production. Discover the magic of chocolate art. Best chocolate from special sorts of cocoa, natural ingredients and wonderful tradition - put one's heart into a labor of love, creating only the best products...


Chocolate products from Lubimov Kids collection are the products of the highest quality. The formulation is specially designed by our technologists for sweet tooth and is completely corresponds with international standards. The quality is tested and approved by Company which keeps up with the highest European requirements for quality and safety of children's products. 

Chocolatier best recipies

Brand name «Chocolatier» guarantees the best price offer among the assortments of the famous confectionary producer on Ukrainian market. Also for home-made desserts was created the special product line «Chocolatier best recipies», that allows you to create chocolate masterpieces in your own kitchen.

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