Here is the art of chocolate

We are give you an  unique opportunities to get acquainted with the masters of the chocolate arts, having read interviews with technologists of the chocolate factory "Millennium". You can ask our masters through our feedback form labeled "Ask a question to a chocolatier."

Dmytro Levchenko

Production Director

Tell us how you became a chocolatier?

- I can not say that I have a childhood dream to make chocolate, but my life has developed in such a way that I became a chocolatier and extremely happy about it.  I came to the chocolate factory "Millennium" after graduating from the university in 2003 in search of interesting places of work. Here I was amazed absolutely everything: the high-level professionals, and super-modern equipment, and the love of the team to their work. I began to learn from their colleagues and look for additional knowledge in the specialized literature. Then I went to training courses in Switzerland (2006 and 2008). And now I can not imagine my life without chocolate and favorite work in the factory "Millennium."

What especially do you like in your work, and that - not much?

- A favorite is the process of making chocolate. The birth of a new flavor after prolonged work on the selection of ingredients, recipe development (necessary proportion of ingredients) A production technology, in turn, probably, is the most difficult.

Being a chocolatier on the Chocolate Factory "Millennium" - is...

-  ... professionalism, love for chocolate, complete dedication, teamwork, and commitment. In general, all those qualities which has among professionals who sincerely love their job.

What was your most unusual experiment with chocolate?

- To the chocolate was added to a mixture of chopped dried medicinal and aromatic herbs. But, either a mixture picked wrong or useless herbs in chocolate... In general, we get specific taste, and this idea was abandoned. But still worth a mixture of herbs, anything can happen!

Share your brand recipe

- We have a range of products that people should not "reinvent the wheel" to make something from chocolate. But if you really really want to feel yourself chocolatiers, take chocolate "Millennium" or "favorite", melt it on a water bath, cut into slices your favorite fruit or pastries and dunking it all in the molten mass, get a huge palette of flavors. Everyone will find the most delicious.

Can chocolate be a gift and how it should be, to have the right to be a worthy gift? You make a present of chocolates to your loved ones?

- Chocolate is a necessarily gift,  if it is a product of chocolate factory "Millennium." I give it to everyone and always.  It is brings joy and fun to children,  for adults - it helps to forget about their problems, and  normalizes blood pressure and lifts the mood for older people.

What kind should be a high-quality chocolate?    

- It should bring pleasure and be delicious, and the other niceties (particle size, the rate of melting, the sweetness, the amount of cocoa taste profile) - for gourmets and experts.

Your advice to those who want to try their hand at the art of chocolate

- Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. You need to have a desire, a certain knowledge base. And ahead, try it, create... Who knows, maybe one of you will turn out outstanding chocolatiers.

Yurii Simonets

Leading specialist of the Department of Development and Innovation

Tell your story, how you became a chocolatier?

- On 22 of November in 2002 I started to work in a factory on the shop floor molding chocolate bar. I was lucky - I came here with one of the "most delicate magics" in the technology of chocolate - tempering. Precisely these skills have allowed me in further properly structure the knowledge in learning of chocolate. In February 2003, the factory produced the first batch of chocolate, I started working Shift Technologist in this workshop. It was an interesting time working out shredding technology, developing its own recipes of products. We began to make the glaze, which are intermediates for the contiguous sectors of the food industry. The products had to accompanied to our clients, partners, and adapt it to their equipment. It is - an unforgettable experience with the best specialists in the field of confectionery, passionate initiative, and fanatically devoted to their cause. It was impossible not to recharge their energy, participation in collaborative projects required new skills, knowledge and ideas. 2005 - 2008-th - the years of rapid development of the confectionery industry in Ukraine, we come to the latest technology and raw ingredients from all over the world. The latter possessed with new qualities and required a completely different approach in their enclosure. Participation in exhibitions, visits to workshops and familiarization with the production of providers allowed to the smallest detail to experience the ingredient and process.

What was your the most unusual experiment with chocolate?

- Chocolate - strictly regulated product consisting of only three ingredients: sugar, cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. And I am always amazed and surprised at how simple mixture of the available number of products is immense with an incredible variety of flavors, colors and shapes. At the annual exhibition ISM (table-top sale confectionery products) in 2011 (I also was there) participated 1,494 exhibitors from 64 countries of the world, all of them somehow related to the theme of chocolate! Chocolate has promoted craft - chocolatiers. In fact all those nifty chocolatiers have been working only with the finished chocolate masses, giving them a range of unexpected flavor. Fashion at the chocolatier lasts two or three years and already there are several areas with radically opposing ideas. Therefore, a huge number of recipes, it all depends on creativity.

What kind should be a high-quality chocolate?    

- Oh, when I try a new chocolate candy for myself, whole family gets together. There is no the best fun for my loved ones. Perhaps the classic taster I’m not  become - too emotional. I can delight the little tint, or a peculiar taste because I immediately think of how that effect made ​​by the manufacturer.

Your advice to those who want to try their hand at the art of chocolate

- Go for it! Do not delay and do not hesitate - go for it! It is desirable to start with the basics: to get trufel mass. Internet is full of advice. Made by own hands carries away, and the result is satisfying and enchanting experience. Now on sale of chocolate with lots of cocoa products huge amount. Choose the most appropriate ("Millennium Brut") and go for it!

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