All about Candies

Candy is really unique product: it is delicious and it delights and warms you just by its presence. Read here about what groups the candies usually are divided into, what these groups are and what candies are made of. And what candies do you like?

Sweets Lubimov «Ptichye moloko»

Thanks tothe legendaryrecipe from 1967youcan enjoy a taste of classicfavorite dessert. You will feelfamiliar taste of sweets from thechildhoodwitha light airyfilling– soufflé,covered with finedark chocolateSweets Lubimov«Ptichye moloko»- it’s perfect blend ofbrightvelvetytasteof dark chocolateand delicateairsoufflé.

Chocolate Hearts

Candies of natural milk chocolate with delicate praline of grated Piedmontese hazelnut. Individual feature of candies "Lubimov" is the use of natural chocolate as a cover for candy. This is the best chocolate with unusual harmonious taste, whose recipe  is specially designed for these candies. Cream of grated Piedmontese hazelnut is used as a filling, it is recognized as the most delicious and popular filling for chocolate candies in the world.

Mixed Candies

Mixed Candies Millennium

Seven exclusive fillings and gentle milk chocolate are specially selected in order to reveal taste of every candy. Almond and hazelnut praline, delicate pistachio stuffing, selected Italian hazelnut, whole almond, yoghurt cream, airy cappuccino... and delicate milk chocolate create a unique variety in mixed elegant candies Millennium Elegance.

Mixed Candies Lubimov

Magnificent white truffle in gentle chocolate is decorated with grated almond... Exquisite French truffle in elite, extra black chocolate... Chocolate baskets stuffed with the almond cream flambé... The classic combination of milk chocolate with a filling of grated Piedmontese hazelnut – all this you can find in delicate collection of exclusive chocolate candies "Lubimov Prestige Mixed Candies".

Almond in Truffle

Whole almond in white, milk or black truffle is a unique and inimitable collection of candies "Lubimov Truff". Exquisite almond in a delicate truffle is natural, tasty and healthy product. Almond is the most elite and well-regarded nut in the world. It is also called "royal nut". The benefit of almond has been known for a long time. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Cocoa is a natural antioxidant, it improves mood, renews the strength of the organism, increases vitality and ability to work.

Fruits in Chocolate

Bright and exciting fruit collection is created from unique combination of pineapple, mandarin, fig, strawberry, apricot and plum in white, milk and dark chocolate. Feel the unforgettable pleasure of the harmonious combination of dried prunes and exquisite dark chocolate. And combination of delicate milk chocolate and juicy dried apricots will not disregard even the most sophisticated admirers of sweets.


Four sorts of truffles - candies of  perfect form and taste are created for true connoisseurs of real chocolate.

"French truffle" - a unique combination of charming deep aroma of chocolate and delicious taste of French truffle.

"White truffle" - white chocolate adds seductive sweetness and truffle gives it a delicate creamy perfection.

"Marnier truffle" - the perfect balance of sweet and bitter is struck in these truffles, it is achieved by the best sorts of chocolate and original legendary liqueur "Grand Marnier".

"Classic truffle" - candies for admirers of classic dark chocolate and light bitterness of the cocoa.

Open Candies

Candies of unique form and filling.

"Millennium Riviera"

In one box are collected mixed candies of black, white and milk chocolate with whole hazelnut, cashew, almonds and the most delicate peanut praline. Refined form of open candies reminds a boat.

"Lubimov Baskets"

The combination of white, black, milk chocolate with unique filling almond cream- flambe and cream-praline with the whole Piedmontese hazelnut are collected in an exquisite chocolate dessert. And the form of open candies reminds an elegant basket.

Whole Hazelnut Candies

It's not for nothing that it is the most popular and favorite sort of candies. "Millennium Gold" collection is the perfect harmony of taste of milk chocolate, whole hazelnuts and delicate praline with crushed hazelnut.

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