All about chocolate

A huge number of sorts of chocolate is produced in the world, the main components of which, at first glance, are the same: cocoa paste, cocoa butter, sugar. But why the taste is different?

Assorted chocolate "Millennium"

The most popular types of chocolate TM "Millennium" in the exquisite assorted range where everyone will certainly find for himself a bright new taste and favorite chocolate treat.

New bar «MILLENNIUM Air chocolate»

The most popular aerated chocolate is now in convenient formatof a bar! It is the perfect combination of bright flavor cocoa, delicate porous structure and tender filling.

New chocolate «Lubimov»

A wide range of new collection by TM "Lubimov" is able to satisfy the most demanding fans of chocolate tablets. The assortment contains traditional milk, classic dark chocolate and chocolate with tasty and healthy fillings, including almonds, candied fruits, raisins, peanuts and caramel.

New chocolate «Millennium Favorite»

Cocoa taste is strongly felt, bitter note prevails over sweet one. It is known that cocoa content of about 70-80% allows to feel the whole range of the flavour of cocoa products, from which chocolate is made. Chocolate with added specially selected natural milk of the highest category of quality – the classic recipe of milk chocolate. In order to modify the tastes our chocolatiers added to dark chocolate candied orange, and to milk chocolate - a little bit of caramel.

Chocolate bar «Millennium Golden Nut» with whole nuts

Black or milk chocolate, delicate praline and whole hazelnuts are perfectly combined in new chocolate bar «MILLENNIUM GOLDEN NUT» - this is your daily source of vitamins, minerals and nice mood.

Chocolate with fillings «Lubimov»

Classic dark chocolate 73% cocoa with exquisite truffle filling and delicate "tiramisu" filling - the real masterpieces of chocolate art. Treat yourself and your family with chocolate desserts "Lubimov"!

Elegant chocolate stick «Lubimov»

Favorite desserts are now in a convenient package! A wide range of tastes is able to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur of chocolate. Let yourself small joys: minimum calories - maximum pleasure!

Aerated Chocolate "Millennium Air Chocolate"

Airy – the first thing you want to say about this product. Very gentle, tender, chocolate which melts in your mouth. Sincere and sensual natures will definitely like this sweet godsend.

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