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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that created last year Candies Lubimov Truff - whole almonds in white, milk and black truffle - became a top seller of this year on the market in Ukraine. Inspired by this success, we have expanded the range of chocolates Lubimov Truff and offer you the following new items:

- Candies Lubimov Truff RICHIO - selective almond slices surrounded by the incomparable milk chocolate.

Candies Lubimov Truff RICHIO necessarily will please fans of the new and unusual and will be a perfect complement to an elegant buffet reception, as well as to a romantic evening.



- Candies Lubimov Truff Air - airy cereal balls in exquisitely delicate white or classic milk chocolate.

Universal offering for the sophisticated buyer! Candies Lubimov Truff Air - light chocolate dessert for the family tea and a small fairing to meet with friends.

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