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Chocolate candies Lubimov "KORZINKA" in a spring design



Your favorite chocolate candies Lubimov "KORZINKA" from now in a bright spring design!

Four unique chocolate candies. Each one has an unusual flavor combination, revealing the complete sensation: Strawberry cheesecake, Almond delight, Truffle charm, Chocolate cups – it's difficult to decide which one is the most delicious!


Strawberry cheesecake 

Chocolate cups from dark chocolate with yoghurt and strawberry mousse-filling and crispy fruits on a top of each candy.

Almond delight

Chocolate cups from dark chocolate filled with nut praline and with the whole roasted almond.


Chocolate cups

Chocolate cups from dark chocolate with the filling that made from the first-rate cocoa and whole hazelnut on a top.

Truffle charm

Chocolate cups from exquisite dark chocolate with a delicate truffle filling.

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