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In anticipation of the New 2014 trademark Lyubimov prepared exquisite surprise. Starting from November 2013, all sweet lovers can enjoy delicious chocolates new line Lyubimov "Basket" Happy New Chocolate Year.      

The collection includes four gourmet chocolates, each of which has an unusual flavor combination, revealing the fullness of sensations: Strawberry cheesecake, Almond delight, Truffle charm, Chocolate cups. 


Chocolates are available in an elegant package, using different textures and types of print, a combination of matt and glossy material, varnish, embossing and special metallized cardboard, create a sense of sophistication and exclusivity chocolate giftSubtle form of chocolates and elegant design package will help convey my sincere romantic feelings. Each connoisseurs feel something different in the new product, and will want to indulge their favorite luxurious collection of chocolate compliments.

Stylish and romantic collection of chocolate desserts.

Unique range of fillings: delicate, dense and rich, light and airy, nut and chocolate, yoghurt and fruit fillings in saucy crisp crust of dark chocolate decorated with whole nuts - refined taste adventure in the collection of chocolate desserts from our best chocolatiers .

Candy Lyubimov "Corf" - created with love!

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