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New collection of the assorted chocolates “Millennium”

Probably everyone has its own favorite kind of dessert that chooses depending on the situation or mood. Chocolate Factory MILLENNIUM chose the most popular types of chocolate TM “Millennium” and combined them into a delicious assorted product where everyone certainly finds a bright new taste and favorite kind of chocolate.

New collection of the assorted chocolates “Millennium” consists of three kinds of chocolate:


Dark chocolate with truffle filling and crushed nuts;



Dark chocolate with filling "Tiramisu" and biscuit;


 Milk chocolate with delicate hazelnut praline


Each small chocolate bar is presented in individual wrapping. That is perfect for a personal consumption.

Various packaging options provide customers with a wide range of small chocolate bars weighing 12,5g: a convenient package flow-pack or family size bag 150g, which contains several assorted types of chocolate.


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