News of the chocolate factory MILLENNIUM

News and promotional events of the Chocolate Factory "Millennium", past and upcoming events related with the chocolate, news of the chocolate market, and all the things that you wanted to know about chocolate.

New tastes of Millennium bars

черный шоколад со вкусом зеленого чая

молочный шоколад с нежной муссовой начинкой

There are two brand new tastes in popular MILLENNIUM collection of chocolate bars: dark chocolate with aerated filling «Green tea» and milk chocolate with delicate filling «Mousse».

A distinctive feature of «Green tea» bar is that its filling based on the refreshing taste of Japanese Matcha tea. Matcha is one of the most useful types of tea, as it contains a large number of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and microelements. It helps to improve immunity, brain activity, slows down the aging process.

Millennium «Mousse» bar is an absolute novelty on the chocolate market! The bar combines light, airy mousse filling and delicate milk chocolate. Mousse it’s very famous French dessert, a masterpiece of confectionery art. It is prepared on the basis of whipped proteins, meringues and rich cream.

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