News of the chocolate factory MILLENNIUM

News and promotional events of the Chocolate Factory "Millennium", past and upcoming events related with the chocolate, news of the chocolate market, and all the things that you wanted to know about chocolate.

New tastes of the season

Новинки сезона

In season autumn-winter Chocolate factory MILLENNIUM prepared several new products.


The assortment of chocolate «MILLENNIUM» is completed with three new items:

  • - Milk chocolate «Millennium» 100 g;
  • - Dark chocolate «Millennium» 100 g;
  • - Dark chocolate «Millennium» with cherry 100g. Brand new taste!

Try an intriguing combination of dark chocolate and pieces of dried cherries.

«MILLENNIUM Air chocolate»

The popular range «MILLENNIUM Air chocolate» is completed with a new item: Milk aerated chocolate with raspberry 32g. Definitely try it!

The combination of tender milk chocolate and delicate raspberry porous structure won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Collection of chocolate sticks Lubimov

Unique novelty in the collection of chocolate sticks Lubimov: Dark chocolate «Lubimov» with mint filling 38 g.

Surprising combination of dark chocolate with a refreshing mint filling gives an amazing pleasure to the most demanding customer.

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