News of the chocolate factory MILLENNIUM

News and promotional events of the Chocolate Factory "Millennium", past and upcoming events related with the chocolate, news of the chocolate market, and all the things that you wanted to know about chocolate.


Special offer for restaurants, cafes, bars, Hotel and Guesthouse - the elegant chocolate - complimentary gift:

• An additional plus in the service of your establishment.

• A stylish accessory in the company image.

• A small but generous gesture that will be appreciated by your customers.


Exclusive dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% is made of the best quality cocoa beans.

• Packaging - PEPA bag

• Quantity per pack - 0.5 kg/100 pcs



With your trade mark

Each chocolate can contain your logo or any other trademark. Assortment of chocolates with your trade mark:

• dark chocolate (70%)

• Extra milk chocolate


Do you think that the items in this collection are too much and they are all so different just it makes you dizzy! So you're on the right way: in your soul is maturing right decision. Away clues that gift that you ultimately choose, and it is the best!

Orders can be arranged by telephone:
(+38 056) 370 15 42, (+38 056) 370 15 44, ext 266
Department managers Private label - Yegor Granovskyi, Victoriia Kuzub

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