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Aerated chocolate in a convenient format of a small bar!

Aerated chocolate is one of the most popular types of chocolate. Once you take a bite of it and enjoy this unique pleasure then a lot of air bubbles gently burst in your mouth ... Thanks to this unusual effect this kind of chocolate like adults and children.
In January 2015 a collection of aerated chocolate «MILLENNIUM» has increased with new products. We are pleased to introduce aerated chocolate bars «MILLENNIUM Air».

In the assortment there are two types of bars:



Classic milk aerated chocolate bar;




Delicate white aerated chocolate bar in milk chocolate;


The advantages of new bars «MILLENNIUM Air chocolate»:

  • New original format of the product;
  • Real chocolate without preservatives and flavor additives;
  • Perfect combination of bright cocoa taste and delicate aerated texture;
  • Unique delicacy of chocolate and creamy aftertaste;
  • Comfortable single format for personal consumption;
  • Convenient packaging for a quick snack on-the-go.


Let you feel the unusual effect of new Millennium Air chocolate bar!

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