News of the chocolate factory MILLENNIUM

News and promotional events of the Chocolate Factory "Millennium", past and upcoming events related with the chocolate, news of the chocolate market, and all the things that you wanted to know about chocolate.

The new concept of chocolate MILLENNIUM Favorite!

New recipes, new designs

We are glad to introduce the new line of chocolate bars MILLENNIUM Favorite.
Excellent collection “MILLENNIUM Favorite New” is notable for advanced recipe, more convenient shape of a bar, stylish European design and new exquisite flavors.

In the new range natural dark chocolate is dominated. Growth in consumption of bitter dark chocolate for the last 5 years has been stable, which according to Nielsen Company was about 45%.
Popularity of dark chocolate is caused by the wish of modern people to follow the recommendations of healthy food and take care of their bodies. Also it is proved that cocoa content between 70% and 80% let to feel full gamma of taste of cocoa products from which ​​chocolate is made.



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